Frenchie Bualé | Frenchie Bualé Vodka
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Don’t Forget To Spill The Tea Over Ice!

Frenchie Bualé’s “What’s the Tea” is the first and only sweet tea vodka infused with pineapple. So smooth you can sit back, relax and enjoy over ice.


We know customers want to be inspired and we will deliver a flavorful sweet tea infused vodka that is 5 X distilled and carefully chosen at peak ripeness for exceptional flavoring. Enjoy this cool refreshing drink on the rocks or simply mix it with your favorite fruit juice or spill it over ice to taste the quality.

Please Drink Responsibly


  • recipe-Risky Risky Buale’


    • 2 oz “What the Tea” Sweet Tea Vodka with Pineapple
    •     Combine the Vodka with 2 oz of lemon juice in Shaker with Ice
    •     Add 1 tablespoon of simple syrup
    •     Shake, shake, shake
    Top with Pinot Noir and enjoy!